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Miami Beach Surf Map

Miami Beach's North Shore Surfing Area:

Miami Beach's North Shore Surfing Area!

Miami Beach Surfing Information Website!

Miami Beach Surfing

Learn to SURF/SUP in Miami Beach

The surf in Miami Beach caters to the beginner Miami Beach surfer as well as the intermediate and sometimes advanced Miami Beach surfers. Miami Beach's year round warm surf waters are an excellent location for learning how to surf. Our storm swells can challenge veteran surfers and our calm days are perfect for stand-up paddle surf in Miami Beach. provides Surfing and Stand Up Paddle Board Lessons in Miami Beach to individuals, families or groups looking to learn this beautiful gift of the Ocean known as surfing. We also provide Surf Board and SUP Board Rentals and Miami Beach summer surf camps, after school surfing programs and more.

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Miami Beach Surf Reports and Surf Forecast

NOAA 180-Hour Animated Wave Height, Wind Speed and Peak Direction Surf Forecast:

Miami Beach Area Surf Reports and 8-Day Surf Forecast from NOAA!


South Beach
North Beach / Surfside / Harbour House / Haulover
Haulover Inlet
(North Jetty)

Haulover Inlet
(South Jetty)

85th Street

30th Street
21st Street
5th Street
South Beach

Miami Beach's Best Surfing Spots:
South Beach
North Beach

Harbour House
Haulover Inlet

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